Subcommittee – Tiara Wong


Name: Tiara Wong
Degree: Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Position: Subcommittee

Hey guys, I’m Tiara I am a first year studying the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I am an energetic and optimistic person that loves talking to others and helping others. My hobbies include shopping, building Ikea furniture and music. I am interested in majoring in finance and cybersecurity because it sounds challenging and exciting and it has been my dream since I was young (after watching Mr robot). After joining my first Women In Business event, the women’s day breakfast, I was inspired by the empowering women who talked about the future of women in different industries and what they had gone through. The different people as well that I spoke to from different backgrounds and universities, shared the same passions for the business industry. The kindness and outgoing nature of the society motivated me to become apart of the subcommittee and to help!!

Work Experiences
Tiara Wong has varied work experience working as a cafe barista, retail sales assistant and marketing sales assistant. She has also completed previous work experience at Hewlett Packard.

In the Future
In the next couple of years, I would like to take on as many learning opportunities and events as possible to expand my network of friends and professionals. I also want to continue to work part-time while being in university to collect work experience whilst trying my best at university (creating a balance is important to me!!). I would also like to finally declutter my room and play piano more as well as start to bake pastries again if I have spare time. Career-wise I want to work in the cyber security sector with forensic cybersecurity and finance related industries.