Subcommittee – Sophia Holl


Name: Sophia Holl
Degree: Bachelor of Business
Position: Subcommittee

I am currently in my first year of a Bachelor of Business at UTS. I love to read in my free time and hike the National Parks with friends. I am very keen to continue travelling overseas and experience more of the world. I am eager to get involved in life at UTS and take advantage of all of the opportunities on offer.


Work Experiences
My first real job was working at my local IGA and in 2015, I began the Elizabeth Richards School Supplies Instagram page, starting with 0 followers and currently over 21,000 (and growing). Managing the IG page has been one of the most valuable experiences I have had, as I’ve learnt the practical side of applying marketing techniques and what working in a professional environment is like. Currently, I am also training to become a swimming instructor.

In the Future
I don’t have a clear picture of what my future will hold, as I have so many interests in different areas. Within the next couple of years, I would like to spend a semester abroad and successfully complete some internships. I am interested in marketing, and am also considering careers in the NGO and non-profit sectors, as I believe it would be personally rewarding to be a part of an organisation whose goals align with mine.