Subcommittee – Kerstin Allin

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Name: Kerstin Allin
Degree: Bachelor of Business in Marketing (3rd Year)
Position: Marketing Subcommittee

Kerstin is a third-year business student with a major in Marketing. Like any other millennial, Kerstin is internet obsessed. She will be working on WiB’s website and managing the blog articles.

Kerstin has always been interested in business and marketing, purely because she likes to be constantly challenged with new and different contexts. She gravitated towards technology in her second year and even considered changing her degree. She then landed an internship with a business strategy company called Step Change – where creativity meets strategy. She now works as their Digital Executive, helping a range of businesses develop their digital marketing strategy.

On the weekend, you can find her spending all her money on breakfast, plants and exotic fruits. She is a plant enthusiast and if digital marketing doesn’t work out she will probably become a botanist. She is also amateurly dabbling in cryptocurrency and is constantly checking cryptowatch even though the market is extremely volatile (for now).

Work experience: 
Kerstin’s work experience includes a server at McDonald’s, a barista, a nanny, a dance teacher, a promoter and a medical receptionist. She ambitiously started her own business with a friend – the Exchangency – with the purpose to develop the online presence of all her creative and artistic friends. She is now happily working for Step Change and looks forward to finishing uni so she can focus on her clients.

 In the future: 
Kerstin is excited to finish her degree next year, but deep down knows that this won’t be the end of her study. She doesn’t have her heart set on anything concrete as she knows that technological advancement has created industry disruption. But for now, she is open to learning new things and hopes to learn more in the fields of data, technology and business. Short term goals include learning the beautiful language of HTML.

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