Subcommittee – Daena Markey

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Name: Daena Markey
Degree: Bachelor of Business in Marketing Communications and Market Research
(3rd year)
Position: Marketing Subcommittee

Daena is a motivated, determined, and creative third-year business student majoring in marketing communications and market research.  She is highly involved in university activities, including her partaking in the Hatchery, Accomplish, and Soul Awards, BUiLD, and as a marketing subcommittee member for UTSoC as well. Daena is passionate about marketing and is eager to complete her studies so that she can join the field.

As a junk food addict, Daena will eat basically anything that is sweet. Her favourite place on Earth is Italy, and despite her having been there twice before, she would pick it for her next holiday destination in a heart beat. As a result, she is a huge fan of Italian food, most specifically arancini!

Daena loves travelling and recently completed a cultural exchange at the University of Arkansas, United States, and hopes to continue her travels. She is an avid reader/writer and hopes to one day write her own novel and reach J.K Rowling levels of stardom.

Work Experience:
Daena has worked in the retail sector for the past seven years and currently works at Mecca Maxima. She also dedicates time working for UTSoC and engaging in various awards at university and is hoping to find an internship to further develop her professional skills.

In the Future:
As an ambitious woman in business, Daena hopes to become a professional leader in her field and continue the fight for gender parity no matter where she goes.

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