Subcommittee: Avneet Kaur


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Name: Avneet Keur
Degree: Bachelor of Business (2nd Year)
Position: Subcommittee

Avneet is currently in her second year of Business doing a double-major in Accounting and Marketing. She is also participating in the Soul Award and the Build Award for 2017 as she wants to gain different experiences with different people. She is a mentor in the HELPS Buddy program to two international students.

She enjoys being social and talking to new people and share stories. She loves watching movies and television shows, some of her favourites being Suits and How To Get Away With Murder. She is an avid follower of all beauty gurus on YouTube. She loves travelling and is a cruise-fanatic.

When she isn’t baking up some Nutella cupcakes or jamming to all kinds of music, she volunteers as a student ambassador for the Marketing and Communications Department at UTS and has worked at events like Open Day and Info Day. Though a Stay-At-Home Enthusiast, at the end of the day she remains true to her inner calling of volunteering and dedicates her time to the Cancer Council and the Red Cross as she is passionate about giving back to the community.

Work Experience:
Avneet is currently a SRS Equity Tutor with the UTS Student Services Department and is currently looking for an internship where she can combine her academic knowledge with one of her personal interests.

In the Future:
Unwilling to set her future in stone, Avneet hopes to be happy and successful (also well-paid) working with a passion for her chosen industry.

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