Spring Mentoring Program

The UTS WiB Spring Mentoring Program was specifically created to facilitate an ongoing mentoring relationship between an industry professional and a UTS student. It is a program where the Mentors share their own personal knowledge, expertise, and insight into the journey from student to professional – whilst Mentees gain guidance and support in carving their own career path and success in the industry.

By participating in this program, you will develop integral and beneficial skills and experiences that will undoubtedly help you in your immediate degree, university life and future endeavours.

Before applying to become a mentee, please ensure that you’re able to commit to meeting your mentor for 6 meetings over the program period.


Mentors will be paired with 1-2 Mentees and meet at least 6 times in the program period. These meetings are to be arranged between the Mentors and Mentees personally. The program will run for an entire semester.

All participants are provided with a booklet which contains suggested meeting topics. At the end of the program, Mentors and Mentees will be asked to sign off a participation sheet, acknowledging their respective’s partners’ attendance and cooperation.

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