President – Divyansha Patro


6YYj1%CkRICAHcyW+FYXCQ_thumb_e7a4.jpgName: Divaa Patro
Degree: Bachelor of Business/Biotechnology
Position: Marketing Director

Diva is a TV show junkie and loves travelling. Whenever she isn’t Netflix and eating, she is dedicating her time towards her HELPS buddy and experiencing different cultures. She is very passionate about volunteering and is actively working towards her SOUL and BUILD awards.

She likes to bury her nose into a book to escape the horrors of chemistry and statistics, and even though singing is not her strongest pursuit, you will always find her singing along to tunes (Taylor Swift) while driving. Her favourite pastime is having a good chilling session with her friends and eating Mexican food. Puns are her favourite form of humour, even the PUNishingly terrible ones. You will always find her with a warm smile ready to strike a conversation.

Work Experience
Diva is a UTS student ambassador at the Marketing and Communications Department that works with potential future students of UTS and had just celebrated her 5th year anniversary at Kmart! Open to many different work opportunities, she has varied experiences from working in different roles, and companies such as marketing for CBA to liquidation staff for MASTERS.

In the future
In the future Diva aims to not be constrained by one city but to work all around the world while trying all kinds of food and speaking fluent Spanish.