Life of A Consultant Panel

Are you considering a career in consulting? Perhaps you’ve heard about consulting but you’re not sure what it is. Or you might already know that consulting is for you and you want to know how to get headstart.

As students, choosing a grad role and career direction is a daunting prospect. Many of us share a crippling fear of finding yourself fresh out of uni and in a job that you hate. Determining where you want to begin your career is a challenging task, but it’s events like the ‘Life of a Consultant’ that provide an effortless and informative way to get the ball rolling.

Testimonial by a WIB member

“Interested in entering the consulting industry, I attended last semester’s event and heard from a fantastic panel of professionals from a range of consulting practices. The first portion of the event involved hearing from each of the panellists speaking to their own experiences in the field and why they enjoy what they do. Listening to corporate professionals about their career journey, what they do day-to-day and how they got there helped me understand if this career path was for me.

Next was the Q&A component which was a great opportunity to ask questions that I have always had – what are the employers looking for? What has been your most interesting client? How do you see the role of consultants evolving in the future? This part of the evening allowed me to hear answers to your questions from multiple perspectives.

And finally, the networking portion of the evening. There were some top companies on the panel and the representatives were very approachable and were always keen on talking to enthusiastic students. The event provided a great chance to personally interact with consultants and ask deeper questions specific to the company.  It even allowed me to arrange a coffee meeting to explore further opportunities!

Overall, the event is one of the best structured and most informative evenings I’ve attended and I strongly encourage everyone to attend the upcoming Life of a Consultant panel. Reading about a certain occupation is one thing, but speaking to professionals and understanding the day-to-day activities they do is the best way for you to decide if it is the right career for you.”

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