Executive President – Joanne Kris Y. Y. Wu

Name: Joanne Kris Y. Y. Wu
Degree: Bachelor of Business and Law (3rd Year)
Position: President
Previously: Marketing Director (2016-2017)

Joanne is currently in the third year of her combined Bachelor of Business and Law degrees, majoring in International Business. She was a bit of a nerd during high school and probably still is but according to others, she has ‘surprising’ interests: driving through the national park at night, watching indie and gore films, and changing her hair colour.

During the day she will either be at university or work, but she studies better at night so you will always find her online at 3am. Occasionally though, she will spice up the midnight law readings with an episode(s) of Suits, Supernatural or The Walking Dead, or with some good jazz and most definitely, the La La Land soundtrack.

Work Experiences:
Joanne worked at BridgeClimb as a climb leader for the first two years of university and loved every moment of it (even when it rained and stormed). During that time she also completed a Social Media and Communications Internship at UTS Careers and as a Marketing Intern for The Ducky Mafia. Currently, she is working as the Marketing Manager of Kabi Bottle.

In the Future:
There are a number of things she wants to do after she walks away with her very expensive graduation paper, including working on a cruise ship and travelling to Mongolia for the scenery. Ultimately, she aims to practice the law and work in a law firm one day.

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