Executive Marketing Director – Mariam Abo-Elhoda

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Name: Mariam Abo-Elhoda
Degree: Bachelor of Business in Marketing and HR (3rd Year)  
Position: Marketing Director
Previously: Autumn 2017 Subcommittee

Mariam is a determined, driven and ambitious third-year business student who is currently doing a double major in Marketing and Human Resource Management. With a fantastic taste in clothing (as agreed unanimously by everyone here at WIB), it comes as a surprise to no one that she recently developed a strong interest in the fashion industry and is now on the constant look out for issues and trends. Mariam also encompasses a strong work ethic, a very determined student who’s always working, writing articles, researching or picking up an extra course just to keep her going.

On a personal note, she finds pleasure in sewing, reading, playing netball, F45, travelling and going to new places, in particular, visiting galleries (particular those that focus on political art). Oh, and of course, Karaoke!

Work experience:
Mariam is currently a HR assistant at Showpo and secured a Human Resources internship at the NSW: Department of Premier and Cabinet.

In the future:
Mariam is an aspiring Fashion Entrepreneur and one day, a leader in the fashion industry.

To reach Mariam for any matters relating to marketing including promotion on our social media platforms, email her at: marketing@wib.activateuts.com.au

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