Subcommittee – Pearson Bulmer

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Name: Pearson Bulmer
Degree: Bachelor of Integrated Product Design (2nd Year)
Position: Graphic Designer

As a young lad, Pearson loved to make. First with Lego, engineering starships, then timber, crafting furniture. Underlying this drive to make has always been his love for good design and creative problem-solving. Now, he engages with this passion through graphic and industrial design in both his work and studies. Pearson is currently completing a design degree sub-majoring in Product Engineering and works part time as a furniture maker and draftsperson at Coopers Store. He also freelances in graphic design for a number of organisations.

In the future:
Beyond this, he pursues a career in advertising, uniting his passion for creative problem solving with a love for visual communication. An avid fan of Triple J, Wes Anderson films and a hot cup of tea, he is constantly on the hunt for new experiences and inspiration for the next big idea.

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