Subcommittee – Chelsea Abbott

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Name: Chelsea Abbott
Degree: Bachelor of Visual Communication/Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (2nd Year)
Position: Head Photographer

Chelsea is currently in her second year of her combined Visual Communication and Creative Intelligence and Innovation degree. A passionate creative, since birth she’s always had an interest in art, fashion and design. During high school, her late nights would involve staying up and making her own clothes or experimenting with watercolour paints. At the beginning of this year, Chelsea discovered her love for photography and has been inseparable from her DSLR camera since. She mainly enjoys portrait, lifestyle and landscape photography, and shares her hobby on social media through Instagram. More recently, Chelsea is starting to experiment with film photography and learning analogue and alternative photographic processes.

In her spare time, Chelsea enjoys meeting and collaborating with other photographers and models from Instagram, exploring Sydney for new locations and editing photos in Lightroom/Photoshop.

Work Experience:
This past year, Chelsea has been working on building her photography portfolio through TFP shoots and Instagram collaborations. She also works as a freelance photographer, with shoots ranging from commercial product work for brands and jewellery designers to creative portraits for clients.

In the future:
Chelsea wants to travel and explore the globe when she finishes her degree, and hopefully, in the future have a successful career in a creative industry of choice.

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