WIB Executive Treasurer Application

Spice up your university life and be part of a great journey – join the Executive team of the ever-growing UTS Women in Business student society. Behind every great student society, a great team of Executives is necessary!
We have an exciting opportunity for a committed and driven individual to join our executive team as Society Treasurer. So if you’re a whiz at Excel with an eye for detail and organisation, we would love to hear from you!

So what is UTS WiB?

Women in Business is a student society located at the University of Technology Sydney. Underpinned by the desire of empowering a dynamic community of inspired and entrepreneurial women, we provide opportunities, business exposure and professional experiences.
Through our collective student efforts, we aim for the creation and facilitation of a positive and rewarding environment where male and female students acquire knowledge about gender equality in the workplace and subsequently develop a passion in the support of gender equal in everyday life. Ultimately, we want to equip and empower women with the confidence to achieve personal goals in their professional and personal life.

Treasurer Responsibilities

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of the society’s transactions and ensuring there is sufficient cash flow for various initiatives until the end of the academic year. They must ensure invoices are paid by sponsors and collaborating societies. It is important to budget and document any transactions made by the society and that payments are efficiently reimbursed to the Executive.
The Treasurer must keep a detailed record of all receipts and ensure relevant Excel documents are constantly updated. They are also responsible for finalising the yearly budget and the end-of-the-year Activate financial summary. Before any purchases are made by an Executive or Subcommittee, permission should be sought from either the Treasurer or President.

What we are looking for

• Determined and hardworking individuals
• Shares the same vision of what WiB stands for
• Interested in long-term contribution to the society
• Down-to-earth personality and ability to work in a team environment
• Willing to attend the majority of WiB’s events over the year
• Skilled in any of the following: event planning, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, content creation, social media accounts’ maintenance (it is not compulsory but recommended)
• Ability and willingness to commit a minimum of two hours per week to the society when required (often fluctuates; from non-commitment to full commitment weeks)


• Improve your teamwork skills
• Gain a backstage insight into how student-societies are run
• Meet a bunch of likeminded individuals
• Networking across the university student representative body
• Opportunity to join the Executive team
• Add personality to your resume
• Executive and subcommittee invitations to exclusive campus events


We welcome applicants from all genders, backgrounds, area of study … you name it.
Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. You may be asked to send in your resume.
Note: to apply you must be an existing WIB member to nominate for a position. If not please sign-up here.  (You may sign-up for the purpose of applying.)
All candidates are required to deliver a short two-minute speech at our 2018 SGM (Wednesday, June 13th at 6:30pm) which traditionally covers an individual’s personal experience with proposed actions and strategies to implement for WIB. Subsequently, a voting with all the attending members will take place. All members of WIB are welcome to attend the meeting in order to vote.

Application Form


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