Want to get more out of uni? Get involved!

Maybe you’ve gotten to your final year and you’ve realised you haven’t got anything to show to your employers about your time at uni, or a first year student who’s unsure of where to start. Here’s a few tips on how to get involved!

1) Join clubs and societies


This might be obvious, but there’s a university club or society for just about everything. ActivateUTS has over 130 clubs and societies that run academic, cultural and social events; you’re bound to find something that interests you!

You can even take it a step further and get behind running the operation! Keep an eye out for any openings.

2) Leadership development programs and volunteering

hunger games volunteer GIF-source

There’s also heaps of programs and opportunities out there to help you develop your personal, leadership and employability skills. With all the workshops you attend and the people you’re working with, you’ll be sure to meet some new people and grow your social network.

Just to name a few within uni; BUiLD, SOUL Award, Accomplish award, Peer Network, The Big Lift and faculty or society run mentoring programs.

3) Attend Campus events; Social, Performances, Presentations


Find on-campus events that you might be interested in. There’s always something going on at uni. And yes, attending a uni party counts as getting involved.

So get yourself out of your comfort zone and get involved!

It’s definitely never too late, all you need to do is look.

Written by Katie Gu
Feature image courtesy of UTS Newsroom

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