UTS Connected: The Power of Networking Workshop Registrations

WELCOME BACK TO ROUND 2 OF UTS: CONNECTED! Hope you all enjoyed the first one. This next workshop is all about the “ins” and “outs” of NETWORKING.

This time we are collaborating with the BUiLD Student Society and UTS: Careers to bring you the most down to earth networking workshop you could ever attend. We have invited three special guests – two UTS Alumni students (both of whom have been to many networking sessions and can now share their wisdom) and a staff member from UTS: Careers.


Date: Wednesday, 30th August (less than 2 weeks)
Time: 5.30pm – 6pm: free DINNER | 6pm – 8pm: WORKSHOP
Cost:  FREE if you are a member of BUiLD, BSS or WiB. If you aren’t – not to worry! Registrations will be open on the night so feel free to bring your mates along as well.


  • Courtney Wright
  • Aaron Ngan
  • Marissa Toto

Registration Form

Please note that this event is open exclusively to UTS WiB, UTS BUiLD or UTS BSS members only. Sign-ups will be available on the day of the event.

Feel free to select as many options as it applies for member identification, eg. if you are both a member of UTS WiB and UTS BUiLD – select both.

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email within one hour during working hours on weekdays.

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