The Importance of an Internship

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Written By: Mariam (Subcommittee)
Exclusively for WIB. 

This is Mariam’s review of the 2016 UTS WiB Mentoring Program.
Our 2017 program is now accepting applications. Apply here now.

My Mentor Aaron Ngan (CEO of JA) and I met through the WiB 2016 mentoring program.

Aaron was not just a mentor to me but much more than that. He inspired throughout the entire mentoring program and beyond that. I met with Aaron one hour every fortnight discussing key areas such as goal-setting, networking and self-awareness. However, it was outside our meetings that really uncovered Aaron’s true mentorship.

Aaron was the pinpoint and the beginning to all the successful things I have achieved till today. He stood by my side, gave me advice, continuously encouraged and supported me throughout the entire program and beyond. One of the key things that I’m very grateful for, is Aaron helping me overcome one of my weaknesses; confidence. Whether it be applying for a job/internship or even attending networking events and building meaningful networks, Aaron helped me overcome my fear. Not only do I have various experiences that I can put towards my resume but I’ve also developed strong relationships and connections with the people who inspire me every day.

Our mentor/mentee relationship lead to amazing opportunities. Aaron introduced me to the Junior Achievement program, where I learnt entrepreneurial and business skills. It was during this program that I was able to identify where my true passion lies. By identifying this, Aaron was able to guide me towards a new direction in my life, and that was to find new opportunities within the entrepreneurial area. I then applied for the UTS Hatchery program, which I am amid completing. The JA program and the Hatchery program made me realise that I want to work in a start-up place. My improved confidence, lead me to directly message the Head of People and Culture at Showpo (Fashion e-commerce store) where I received an internship, which then turned into my current employment.

However, without the WiB mentoring program, Aaron wouldn’t have been my mentor and I wouldn’t be where I am today. The structure of the mentoring program allows a mentor to empower and shape the mentee, providing strategies, knowledge and networks to improve employability, self-awareness and, confidence and a way to take control and find a direction of your personal life and career.

Aaron and I are still in touch and very close in communication as he continues to mentor me in other areas and seeks to provide me with ongoing guidance and encouragement and new opportunities.

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