ICONIC x Kabi Bottle: Facebook Giveaway Competition

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To celebrate WIB’s Facebook page hitting 1,000 likes, we have decided to do a giveaway competition! This is our way of thanking the past and current members for their support on our digital platforms.

To enter, simply leave a reply to this post answering this question: describe your uni experience using a film or tv show title!

There will be TWO winners and TWO prizes:

One winner will be decided by the most upvoted reply, receiving the Kabi Bottle, and another winner will be chosen by the WIB Executive team, receiving the ICONIC gift voucher.

Deadline: Friday, April 21st at 1PM
Winner Announcement: Sunday, April 23rd at 6PM


In order to get into the competition, you will need to be a current registered member of WIB and have liked our Facebook and Instagram pages, Kabi Bottle’s Facebook page prior to posting an entry. If it is found that a winning participation did not fulfil these requirements, WIB has the discretion to disqualify the winner and choose another member.

It is up to the discretion of WIB as to the colour of the Kabi Bottles. Prizes may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances and effort will be mad to identify this online, but there is no guarantee all participants will be aware of such change.

You are allowed to enter as many times as you want.

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